CSS Corp Salary for Freshers in India

CSS Corp Salary for Freshers in India: Fresh graduates starting at CSS Corp can expect an average annual compensation of Rs 2 LPA. Newcomers are typically recruited for positions including Technical Support, Customer Executive, Technical Engineer, among others.

CSS Corp Salary for Freshers details

The salary information is collected from CSS Corp recruitment events or is based on estimates. Here is a list of positions available at CSS Corp, accompanied by their respective salary packages.

Job RoleAverage Salary
Technical Support EngineerRs 2 LPA
L1 Technical Support EngineerRs 3.5 LPA
Voice ProcessRs 2.5 LPA
Insurance ProcessRs 2 LPA
Quality AssociateRs 3 LPA
GIS EngineerRs 1.9 LPA
AssociateRs 2.2 LPA
Network EngineerRs 3 LPA

About CSS Corp: IT Services and Technological Solutions Provider

CSS Corp is a global information technology (IT) services and solutions company. They specialize in a variety of areas, including:

Here’s a quick overview of CSS Corp:

Some additional points to consider:

Overall, CSS Corp appears to be a well-established IT services company offering a comprehensive range of solutions to businesses seeking to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape.


What is the CSS Corp salary package for freshers 2022?

The salary package for freshers is Rs 2 LPA. Monthly approx amount Rs 16,500.

What is the CSS Corp salary for Technical Support Engineer?

The Technical Support Engineer salary package ranges from Rs 2 LPA to Rs 2.5 LPA.

What is the CSS Corp salary in Chennai?

It is the same salary package mentioned above.

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