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Fusion Microfinance Salary for Freshers

Fusion Microfinance Salary for Freshers – Fusion Microfinance offers diverse career paths in the microfinance sector. Field Officers, who play a vital role in day-to-day operations, earn an average salary of Rs 2 lakhs per annum (LPA). Relationship Officers, responsible for fostering client connections, typically receive Rs 1.7 LPA. Beyond these positions, Fusion Microfinance also recruits for roles like Audit Officer, Risk Officer, and Internal Auditor.

Fusion Microfinance Salary for Freshers Details

Microfinance institutions like Fusion Microfinance offer a diverse range of roles, each playing a crucial part in empowering communities through financial services. To give you an idea of potential career paths and their associated compensation, here’s a breakdown of some common positions along with estimated salary ranges:

  • Field Officer (Avg. Rs. 2 LPA): These individuals are the backbone of microfinance, interacting directly with clients and overseeing loan applications.
  • Relationship Officer (Avg. Rs. 1.7 LPA): Building trust and fostering client relationships are key responsibilities for Relationship Officers.

Additional Microfinance Roles:

While the above positions are central to microfinance operations, here are some other roles you might encounter:

  • Loan Analyst (Salary varies): Analyzes financial data to assess creditworthiness of loan applicants.
  • Center Manager (Salary may be slightly higher than Field Officer): Oversees day-to-day operations at local branches, ensuring smooth client service.
  • Credit Risk Manager (Salary on the higher end): Mitigates financial risks associated with loan defaults, requiring strong analytical skills.
  • Internal Auditor (Salary varies): Ensures adherence to financial regulations and internal controls.

Important Note:

These salary ranges are based on industry estimates and might vary depending on factors like location, experience level, and specific job requirements. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s highly recommended to consult Fusion Microfinance’s official career page or attend their recruitment drives.

Job RoleAverage Salary
Field OfficerRs 2 LPA
Relationship OfficerRs 1.7 LPA
Branch ManagerRs 3.4 LPA
Audit OfficerRs 3.5 LPA
Risk OfficeRs 5.2 LPA
ManagerRs 8 LPA
Internal AuditorRs 2.7 LPA
Senior Relationship OfficerRs 2.3 LPA
Fusion Microfinance Salary for Freshers
Business Development OfficerRs 2.5 LPA
CashierRs 1.4 LPA
Internal Audit OfficerRs 2.7 LPA
Finance ExecutiveRs 1.5 LPA
StaffRs 1.7 LPA
Fusion Microfinance Salary for Freshers


What is the Fusion Microfinance Salary in 2024?

The average package of a Fusion Microfinance is Rs 2 LPA.

What is the Fusion Microfinance Relationship Officer Salary?

The Relationship office package is Rs 1.7 LPA. Monthly Rs 20K.

What is the Fusion microfinance field officer salary?

The field officer’s average salary package is Rs 2 LPA.

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